The only prerequisite to take full advantage of manage/m, Lufthansa Technik's Technical Operations WebSuite, is an MRO contract with Lufthansa Technik.
To obtain these services, simply contact our sales offices or representatives anywhere in the world. You will be provided with all information about the spectrum of MRO services Lufthansa Technik offers, with the modules of manage/m being tailored to fit the individual services contracted.
Once the contract you have chosen is effective, you will receive the access authorization including a User ID and Password. manage/m can be used on a standard Internet-capable office PC. Thereby you will have immediate access to the Technical Operations WebSuite and the relevant modules supporting your technical operations within the framework of the MRO agreement with Lufthansa Technik.
Lufthansa Technik offers a variety of instruments to support you in order to make the most of the manage/m WebServices. Depending on the scope of the services your MRO contract entails, the support level can go as far as actual training sessions at your location. Other support elements available for specific WebServices range from WebService Tours, giving you a quick overview of a service, to Quick Reference Guides for easy starting. In cases where further help might be needed, additional support is available through the Internet and via Phone.